Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Inspiration; Solange Know..le's She's All That


You know how when like you get really inspired by something or someone and its frustrating because you don't know how to express it?, Well this might show bad blog writing skills but I think even by the end of this post you still wont fully understand how inspired I am by the one and only Solange Knowles! Ok lets try examples: Like when your at the club and your JAM comes on and suddenly its like no one else is there but you and you start dancing like... Well.. Like no one else is there, or when you see a women walking down the street that looks absolutely fabulous and you just want to run in the middle of traffic and tell her that you literally just want to be her? Well these are both horrible examples but anyway Solange does both of those things for me.
She totally invented the instruction manual for how to be yourself and express all your creative weirdness, and I want her to give it to me! Not only is she the creative directer for Puma shoes, she directs her own music videos with the music that she writes, creates visual masterpieces and coriographs her own moves, but she is just COOL .. like naturally, and we all know thats rare. I mean can I even put her on the same spectrum as Beyonce?, Its like comparing Apples and oranges really.
From her Wild Afro and funky dance choreography to her bright and crazy yet well polished fashion I cant help but want to embody all things crazy and funky about me also. I don't know if you have noticed but I basically copy her, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, the hair is just a start. Just you watch in a couple years or so you wont be able to tell who the real Solange Knowles is.
Some people are just born to inspire and Ms. Knowles has got my creative juices runnin!

Be Divine,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Natural" ish & self-love kinda

Im not sure how many people truly understand what a huge deal it is that I am finally wearing my hair "natural"..ish. I say "natural"..ish because technically I still have permed hair and right now I am just in the process of not straightening it and growing my REAL natural hair back and getting rid of this permed shit. For years I had been telling everyone that I was just going to shave it all off.. and I really wanted to!, I really wanted to pull of off that chic, all natural, badass, black queen, Solange look ( and I secretly still do) buuuuut I thought, well I think I might just take baby steps, cause as much as I try to represent self-love .. if we are being real here, its not as easy as 17 magazine and the Dove commercials make it seem. Us ladies see women who love themselves and have high self esteem, and were like "cool!, thats inspiring, I wanna be like that", and then you realize HOW THE HELL DO I DO THAT?
I would say that for the most part I do have a certain amount of high self-esteem. But when it comes to my hair, ooooo child!, lord knows I have struggled with loving my hair. So here is my process.. on my journey to loving and embracing my nappy hair. For you it might be other things so lets work on it together !
P.S. One day I will try harder to stray away from the edgy leather boxy look, but for now this is me (obvi) I cant help it.

Be Divine,


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fuck The World Through The Holes In Your Favorite Jeans

This break has been the ultimate battle between good and bad situations. Don't worry I wont bore you with the details, but just for arguments sake, aren't breaks supposed to be relaxing? Coming back to San Francisco from San Diego (my hometown) I just felt relief, like I just escaped a psych ward and now I can just chill on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas with a margarita.. or something.

Usually I'm the type of person of person that can still be overly happy and annoyingly positive despite the way life can fuck you sometimes (excuse my french). However this time I decided its much easier to just not.

I will take a couple days to be pissed off and then I'll go back to being annoying and happy, but today? Today I'm fucking the world back. I guess fucking the world means taking one of my favorite pair of black jeans and ripping them to shreds. As if the world cares and is saddened by the fact that I would do such a horrible thing. If anything I was doing my self an injustice, but actually it made me feel better. I was soo bored of the same old shit, and guess what ?! even after ripping up my favorite jeans... I survived! and not only did I survive, I dig these punkish, rocker, ripped jeans better anywhoo. And after making that revelation I was back to being happy old annoying lex. you should try it!

Be Divine,