Monday, April 1, 2013

Define Divine Diva


Better than perfect, what people will say if they read a book or eat something that is better than perfect.
to er is human, to forgive is divine

Biblical references. Angelic. Godlike. Heavenly. Divine is a caring girl with a big heart, but cross her path and you will not be forgiven easily. If you treat her well, she will treat you better. You can't help but to love this girl. Her lovely smile reflects her lovely heart.

Divine is just an angelic girl
           Female version of a hustler.
a true diva will do anything to get what she wants.

          Determined Individual Valuing Accomplishments. 
A woman who appreciates everything achieved in life's past knowing that it only adds to who they will become in life's future.

Typing 2 of my favorite words into just the regular old, didn't do much justice for what I really would have described, Divine & Diva as. Although these definitions I found on Urban dictionary isnt exactly my personal definition either (Maybe its just more entertaining). I guess a Divine Diva gives freedom for lots of definitions. I could think of a million things to describe a Divine Diva, but rather then describing it right now in a loooong boring post , you can understand through my up and coming corky, inspirational & absurd blog posts. Or maybe they wont be corky, inspirational and absurd  but it sure sound like the kind of blog I want to have. ANYWHOO, whatever my blog turns out to be like, I know that it will be a reflection of a Divine Diva. ;)

Be Devine,

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