Friday, August 23, 2013

B&W Duo

This is my first attempt at a fashion shoot ( or one that's public anyway) and we really tried hard to act like we knew how to model.This photo shoot was as spontaneous as they come. Jess stopped by to return borrowed clothing and desperate to share/brag about my new gold tip booties I quickly dressed my un-showered self and headed to the front yard with the i-pad. Speaking of unplanned...ness, I cant tell wether the fact that we both just happened to be wearing black&white is sad and lifeless or awesome because it would mean that we have telepathy. Either way it really did just happened that way and I think the saddest part is that I'm just noticing it as I make this post.

 BTW, this spunky fashionista right here is Jessica. We call ourselves stylish and best friends, we also dig in each-others closets which is exactly the kind of friend that you want. Trust me.

Anywhoo, my outfit inspiration starts with B... Bey... the Queen?.. you know!, BEYONCE! of course I'm bias so i'm inspired by many things that really have anything to do with her. But in particular her fashion.
Notice how my girl knows how to rock leather mini shorts..
Be Divine,

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