Friday, April 19, 2013

Join the ripped tights revolution!

Can I be the fist to complain about the annoying rip in the tights problem that actually probably has more people complaining then just me. Im literally currently counting how many times I have ripped, thrown out and then bought new "Sheer" tights too many to count & too many to even mention
because it would mean I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on many pairs of ultra thin, basically none-existent tights that last 1 week at the most.
Why is that I cant resist sheerness/ transparentness. Some how I keep going back for more even when I foresee the sad day that I either have to justify that the rips are intentional and I really am just going for the grunge look (which I dig, don’t get me wrong), or save them for my next Halloween contraption. Maybe its just the idea throwing on tights with any skirt or dress, just kind of makes the whole outfit better. Perhaps I’m bias because I’m a big accessorizer but really, ITS TRUE. Put on any hip, trendy dress or skirt and add a pair of sheer tights, its just better. period.
Ok maybe not EVERY DRESS but now I’v got into the tight wearing club, and there is no goin back. Its the perff combination between sexy, modest and trendy... that’s my to be sexy, modest & trendy. IDK, seems like the thing to be, so lets just go with it.
So I just one day hope that I will be the trend setter of the ripped tights revolution for the sake of my fellow fashionistas, because lets face it, we are OVER the rips and need a more valid excuse then "the grudge look is my thing". So its starts here my friends, if ripped sheer tights become a thing, just remember, it all started here ;).

P.S. I'm sure it won’t start here. And maybe it’s already a thing! Who knows, but I’m a free spirit living in San Francisco so imma wear my ripped tights anyway!.. yolo? (mainly cause I cant afford to keep buying new ones)

Be Divine,

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