Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Compton Lunalivebad Angel

LunaLiveBad aint so Gangsta
This was the COOLEST! 
I went to Compton (Yes.. Compton) for my first ever mission trip! Naturally as a 5 foot, 100 pound, 12 year old looking christian girl I couldn't avoid the all the conceptions rumored around the city of compton, like violent gangs, the high population of homless and lots of drug use. Although There was a
 lot of these things, there is also a lot of misconception about Compton that unfortunately come along with just knowing the meer facts. I literally thought that if I walked 10 feet away from my fellow christian mates, that I was either going to be shot, raped or kidnaped.. seriously?.. I really thought that. Sadly its not that surprising to people who have never been there. 

After an exhausting 7 hour drive we arrived at a park right smack dab in the middle of east Compton. Of course still obvi expecting a big gangster dude wearing a sweat suit, accessorized with an overly sized gold chain... 

was going to kidnap me and jump me into their gang or else murder me (Hopefully gangsters nowadays  are a little more stylish) Its already pretty sad when the first gangter that comes to mind is Ice Cube, considering he's now infamous for being in abc family movies. OK, truthfully this is dramatic. Thankfully I didn't join a gang that day, BUT I did meet a gal by the name of LunaLiveBad.
Or at least thats what she told me her INSTA name was. Looking back maybe it would have been good idea to ask for her real name, but my first thought was "she probably has sick pictures on Instagram" so  I asked, buuuuut.. I couldn't find her -__- . So LunaLiveBad will forever be my Compton angel.          
She was posing in an all black is back look, with a band like shirt and edgy ripped tights. She was an already tall chick wearing 4 inch black booties and just like a Compton angle had a head band made out of black roses. Lunalivebad told me she was also a rapper and was modeling for a local designer. ..wait.. are you thinking what im thinking?... THIS CHICK IS FUCKING AWESOME!. I literally left thinking "now thats a broad I wanna get to know!" 
ANYWHOO, my first interpretation of the REAL Compton was a cool chick wearing some cool clothes, nothin thuggish.
Don't worry I didn't roam the city of Compton by myself only to look for local model/rappers. I did lots of other things.

Be Divine,

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