Friday, August 23, 2013

Wrap Me

Beauty really is pain.. and classy and sexy...
With Summer coming to an end and me heading back to San Fran soon I'm a little disappointed that my
 little legs will have to freeze when I buy one of these dynamic skirts because once it gets on my wish list, its not coming down.
My favorite part is that it's incredibly flattering and unlike most mini skirts its not as intimidating. Mini skirts to me are never interesting enough for the amount of sluttiness that it has has, no matter how patterned it is. Im not sure anyone can get away with wearing a straight mini and still come off as classy. but this!... oh this, this is the true essence of sexy and classy and I'm lovin it!

Here is how I would do it.
Because I like edge, gold and black.

Be Divine,

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