Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I Seek Boutique

Its pretty apparent that if you live in san francisco its your duty to roam the streets and discover new "hole in the wall" shops and then post them on your blog/instagram, in hopes that it would make you seem more hipster.. or something like that. I don't know that I consider myself hipster but I do like to get lost in my city and end up either in some trendy boutique or in an alleyway asking a nice hobo where I can catch the next bus home (cause at least I'm learning my way around town).

Luckily this time I managed to land myself in The Mission and OH did I find boutiques!, Only the kind of boutiques that force your wallet to cry. All that mess about "I'll just take pictures and window shop" yea.. window shop my ass, lets face it, I couldn't resist.

Besides the hour long mirror photo shoot I had with myself in the fitting room, I roamed the boutique very discretely (or attempted discreteness) taking pictures of everything that I thought was cute (which was everything) talking to myself "oohhh this would be cute in my room", "waaaa??, a book all about Macaroons?!", Im pretty sure the managers were about ready to call security.

I reminded myself why I love San Francisco so much, so I'v decided I need to do this way more often, you know,  creepily invaded peoples boutiques and scare all there costumers away.. or just getting out of bed and finding myself new favorite clothing stores, cause I'm thinking even if its a little more expensive I'd rather put my money into a unique little businesses then make the boring old trip to the mall for chhheeeaap (and I don't mean the good kind of cheap) H&M or Forever 21 stuff.. BLEH..gross.

 I can always dig a boutique thats just got a bunch of random shit. Thumbs up (thats not sarcastic).

One fancy shoe store.

 This is me thinking I'm cute. 

 This is me realizing Im in love with this red tethered long coat.
 This is me deciding to buy it.

P.S I went to 3 different boutiques and didn't get one of their names -__-. I'll do better next time. Promise

Be Divine,

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