Monday, February 3, 2014

Serendipity Photo Shoot

Alright we have about 1 million pictures so here are just a few of the dopest ones.

This is your typical amateur , pre planned, corny jumping pics, high school girls, over posing photo shoot. You guys, we literally dedicated an an entire day to just taking pictures of each other (like with awkward public outfit changes and everything), although My good friend Rudy ( featured in these pictures) did get to do a lot of site seeing at the same time.

I guess we were being spontaneous college students, cause Rudy came up on a friday only after a few back and fourth Facebook messages the night before. It went something like this;

Rudy: Omg let me go visit you
Me: Come tomorrow!!
Rudy: Really?
Me: Fuck yea!!!!!

But don't get it twisted!, Unlike corny high school girls, we carefully planned and coordinated our outfits. Its a good thing we are both super into eacothers style cause once it got cold towards the end of our journey I decided to put together an outfit with Rudy's oversized sweaters and cardigans.

P.S. It's really annoying that Rudy turned out sooo much better than me in the majority of these pictures.

Be Divine,


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