Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Catch me on the south side On The Run.. Tour ;)

I know it may seem like I am on a Knowles streak, but the truth is that I have been on a Knowles/ Carter streak my whole life. If you were to ask any one to describe me they might say, she thinks fashion is cool or she talks a lot, or she has crazy poofy hair, but they will DEFINITELY say she is stupidly obsessed with Beyonce. And you thought I liked Solange? idk Bey might be on another level.. although I don't really compare. Now if some one were to guess who my 2nd favorite artist in life is They might say Jay Z.... and they would be soo right! (and not just because he married a queen)
I saw Beyonce in concert last year. I also saw JZ and JT in concert last year. and now... hold on to your knockers!.. I will officially be seeing the fabulous power couple Jay and Yonce perform together in L.A!!
You guys Im am so excited, dare I say my inner sasha fierce might make an appearance that night?

Be divine, 


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