Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer shopping 101; ditch the "that baby is mine" mentality.

It's summer after all and I kept my promise about adding some color to my wordrobe. I recently went shopping and this time time was different then most. Usually I'll walk into a store and I'm too excited to make responsible purchases,  the first cute thing I lay my eyes on.. That baby is mine(if it's in my price range of course). But this time I decided to wait until finals were over to save up and  shop my little booty off as a reward to myself from myself. In that time of anxiously waiting I made list of things I need, and a list of things I want and what the estimated price would be. And while that might sound super lame.. It is. BUT , it actually kind of fulfilled that little desire I had for my need to shop, while I was waiting for the semester to end.
Anywho, I'm beyond excited to share more ways I will style my new buys!, Iv always been that girl who wears out all the new outfits for the first day of school. So although it's only the first day of vacation, the idea still remains. I wore that little stripped number with the ripped light wash jeans on my flight back to SD. 

Be Divine,


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