Thursday, May 1, 2014

Summer Dreaming Never Hurt Nobody

You know what they say; when in sf .. And it's sunny .... You best take advantage! Oh and what an opportunity for some skirts and bright colored things. But of course I still decided an all black look was suitable on the hottest day I have ever experienced in sf. I'll keep you posted on my journey towards embracing a more colorful wordrobe (and yes I just decided right now that that journey is happening). Summer is approaching and I've decided to pretend that it has already started. I've never spent a summer in sf but apparently it's cold so I don't feel guilty about rearranging the seasons as I see fit. It's not often that us San Franciscans can spend a day at the beach ... In actual beach clothes & and a baiting suit, or walk around the school campus in a tank and pencil skirt. So here is my idea of summer style in sf.. Before summer. Take note, every city holds different standards for summer fashion, let my represent the city of love.

Be divine,


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