Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Natural" ish & self-love kinda

Im not sure how many people truly understand what a huge deal it is that I am finally wearing my hair "natural"..ish. I say "natural"..ish because technically I still have permed hair and right now I am just in the process of not straightening it and growing my REAL natural hair back and getting rid of this permed shit. For years I had been telling everyone that I was just going to shave it all off.. and I really wanted to!, I really wanted to pull of off that chic, all natural, badass, black queen, Solange look ( and I secretly still do) buuuuut I thought, well I think I might just take baby steps, cause as much as I try to represent self-love .. if we are being real here, its not as easy as 17 magazine and the Dove commercials make it seem. Us ladies see women who love themselves and have high self esteem, and were like "cool!, thats inspiring, I wanna be like that", and then you realize HOW THE HELL DO I DO THAT?
I would say that for the most part I do have a certain amount of high self-esteem. But when it comes to my hair, ooooo child!, lord knows I have struggled with loving my hair. So here is my process.. on my journey to loving and embracing my nappy hair. For you it might be other things so lets work on it together !
P.S. One day I will try harder to stray away from the edgy leather boxy look, but for now this is me (obvi) I cant help it.

Be Divine,


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